Creativity Life

Somewhere along the evolutionary chain humans lost grip on the notion that inner fortitude holds more value than worldly possessions. The struggle to have more, do more, see more, be more than another has eclipsed the antiquated notions of character, ethics, and good, old-fashioned niceness. Here, the darkness is passing and the rays are allowed to come through.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Who are you?

(A basic question with millions of answers, and that is not even counting the individuality that can be personally read into the question! )

I want to start with deep introspection. There are many types of people - ones who base their identity on the people they know or the things they possess; ones who must be seen in a certain light or they refuse to be seen at all; ones who cannot tolerate others and ones who cannot tolerate themselves because of their tolerance of others; ones that choose the hard path because it is hard; ones who cannot leave their little ponds because they will not be the biggest fish in the next ones; ones who empathize with others and feel deeply along with the joys and pains of those for whom they care; ones who want to love but don't quite know how, due to past heartbreak or fear; ones who cannot define themselves because their ideals have been based on what another suggested. Oddly, most of the "types" listed thusfar have negative bases. I am a positive person. Does being positive make everyone else seem more negative? It is certainly hard to find people who want to be positive these days. In fact, some think they are being positive when they are negative about people being negative! (That works in Math class, but not in Real Life 101...)